Enhance learning opportunities for over 6,440 students at five existing schools in Kajiado and Nairobi Counties in Kenya.


Deploy teachers, education support staff, and learning resources to schools.


Equity in education is the priority for every learning institution. Still, classrooms face resource gaps that directly impact an educator's ability to meet students' needs and enhance learning. Our inaugural capital campaign aims to deliver accelerated action through the following activities:

1. Training and hiring of special education teachers and support staff for our partner schools

2. Offer screening services for speech, occupational hand physical therapy at our partner schools

3. Establish a pilot coding program at Umoja One Primary School, Nairobi.

Classroom Pie deploys a multi-tiered system of support that strives to provide all of our school partners and their students access to the educational staff, tools, and resources required to promote effective learning in the classroom. We partner with existing schools to support classrooms and learning spaces in need of additional resources necessary to enhance the student's learning experience. Classroom Pie does not seek to reinvent the wheel but rather improve existing norms and practices through collaboration with the teachers and educators.

Classroom Pie hires and pays trained support staff, allowing our school partners to help the students who need more targeted, direct instruction and interventions to access specific parts of the school curriculum. We structure these supports so that they can remain fluid and responsive. We focus specifically on highly individualized instruction to target a student's goals, design this instruction, in collaboration with existing teaching staff, in a way that values both academic and social-emotional growth and leverages peer relationships and a sense of belonging.

To date, we have partnered with five schools in Kajiado and Nairobi counties to build and implement our programs. Our success is measured using student retention, achievement, and progress data and metrics. Our stories from the classrooms will be shared widely to show the impact of our programs and teams of staff and volunteers responsible for our success.


Quantifiable success is paramount to our mission delivery, and at Classroom Pie, we will embrace data. We will gauge our initiatives and funding programs' success by regular reviews of key metrics within our partner schools, precisely, student retention and enrollment, academic achievement data, and its correlation to our funding over time.


Economically disadvantaged, low-income communities and primary and secondary schools in Kajiado and Nairobi counties, Kenya.


Embakasi West Constituency Local Government

Young Angels Education Center (142 students) - Kangemi, Nairobi County

Supaloaf Primary School (1,010 students) - Embakasi West, Nairobi County

Umoja One Primary School (947 students) - Embakasi West, Nairobi County

Bur Buru One Primary School (1,929 students) - Embakasi West, Nairobi County

Unity Primary School (2,554 students) - Embakasi West, Nairobi County


Celebrated author, gold medal Olympian, famous chef, and dog whisperer; Andrew Ngeseyan is none of these things. He is, however, a finance professional championing education accessibility, equity, and sustainability in Kenya. He has spent twelve years at Community Roots Charter School in Brooklyn, NY, as the Chief Financial Officer serving the needs of educators and students embedded in meaningful real-world contexts where learning revolves around the connections between school and the world.

Born and raised in Kenya, his passion for equity and mission-driven work results from over a decade spent working with and for educators. The lessons he learned are the foundation for the critical work at Classroom Pie. Supporting educators and students through our programs motivates the desire to improve the communities we will serve.

Classroom Pie is registered as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in the United States and a nonprofit company limited by guarantee (NGO) in Kenya.


Felix Ochieng - Educator, Former Headcoach, Kenya Sevens National Rugby Team, and Committee Member - National Olympic Committee

Alexander Owino - Actuary, Fidelity Investments

Classroom Pie, Inc.

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